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Privacy Policy

Data Use

Some schools have enabled Buseroo's OAuth feature for security reasons. For those schools, you will have to login with OAuth to access the bus data. Buseroo only reads your Google email address to determine that you are from that institution. For example, johndoe@riverdale.edu verifies as a student that attends Riverdale Country School.

No other Google information is processed besides the email address. No Google information is stored after you logout or shared.

Collected Data


The following data is collected about those using the Buseroo search feature. All data is not personally identifiable and stored securely.

  • Plausible Analytics (user's operating system, browser, and country).
  • Buseroo search queries
  • Errors triggered on the front-end


For those of you who have signed up to add a school to Buseroo, your account information and bus route data are stored on a secure database on Amazon Web Services.

Data Sharing

Data is only used to assess how to improve Buseroo (such as which platforms [mobile, desktop, or kiosk] Buseroo should spend time improving). It is not shared with anyone besides Buseroo employees.

COPPA Policy (to users below 13 years old)

As stated earlier, no personal information is collected.

Last updated: January 24, 2024.